VMworld 2021 starts with a security lightning bolt: Zero Trust, SASE, ransomware protection

VMworld 2021 kicked off with a flurry of security-related announcements, including developments in the company’s “Journey to Zero Trust,” improvements to the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), new anti-ransomware features, and more.

For the latter, which is paramount for many companies withstanding a persistent flood of ransomware attacks, the company offers updates on two fronts: initial protection and recovery from a successful attack.

While it may seem uncomfortable that the need for the second function (recovery) could mean that the first function (protection) was not working, it seems to be a fact for organizations exposed to the wave of numerous ransomware attacks. How many? According to VMware, its security-focused Carbon Black Cloud records an average of 1.2 trillion security events per day, and in …


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