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Finally, the YouTube app for iOS is getting picture-in-picture support, so users can still watch videos in a small pop-up window while they scroll on their iPhones and iPads.

In a statement to Gizmodo and other outlets on Friday, a YouTube spokesperson said the feature is currently rolling out first to YouTube Premium subscribers worldwide. A major launch for all iOS users in the US is apparently in the works, but YouTube hasn’t provided a schedule for when free users can expect access to the feature.

Apple introduced picture-in-picture video support for iPads with iOS 9 and iPhones with iOS 14, although it actually worked with the YouTube app was a different story. Some users have found creative workarounds through the YouTube website in Safari or iOS shortcuts. However, updates to YouTube’s side have made some of these shortcuts obsolete unless you pay for the $ 12 per month premium service.

Hopefully with the official support of iOS, these headaches will be a thing of the past and iOS users will soon be able to use the same feature as Android users have been able to do this for years.

Well, I don’t have a dog in the whole Android versus iOS battle; Growing up, my family bought appliances based on the brand that sold better, and I struggled to shake off that grumpy penny pinch even now with access to real adult money. This indifference hasn’t stopped Apple fanboys from talking me off, especially after I finally got my first smartphone: a Nexus 6, a model that was already a year old when I had saved enough to get one in 2015 (Yeah, I know I was super late for the game). But hey, actually The old thing had picture-in-picture support.

Update: 06/18/2021, 8:04 p.m .: Added explanation from YouTube.

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