It seems that YouTube is really trying to make its users pay for its premium service that allows you to watch your favorite videos with no ads. The latest move is going to make some changes to the way users hear their favorite songs as it seems that starting next month, free subscribers will no longer be able to watch them Music videos on the platform. However, this change will also cause quite a stir with YouTube’s music streaming service.

Google has announced that it will make some changes to its music streaming service called YouTube Music. This is perhaps the best way to play the music you can find on YouTube, and it also has access to the millions of songs offered by other streaming services. The main change to the service is that it allows free users to play music in the background. There is no free dinner, however, which means the company will also be introducing new restrictions on free YouTube Music users.

Changes will follow next month as a new update to the service implements these changes from November 3, 2021.
“In addition to this update, some features will be exclusive to YouTube Music Premium listeners, such as: B. the on-demand music selection and unlimited skips. These changes are coming to Canada first and we will keep everyone informed of the global expansion plans. “

Those who listen to music for free with advertisements can now

  • listening to music in the background
  • Shuffle Play personalized mixes (made just for you!)
  • Find the perfect mix of moods for activities like workouts, commuting, and more
  • Explore millions of songs and thousands of playlists for free

Those who pay for a YouTube Premium subscription can enjoy additional exclusive benefits such as:

  • Listen to songs on demand
  • Watch videos on YouTube Music
  • Skip tracks an unlimited number of times
  • Enjoy YouTube Music with no ads

These changes will affect Canadian users first, so we do not know when or if these changes will occur in other countries. Still, the company says it plans to expand globally. Anyway, I think I’ll stick with my current music streaming service. I’m more than sure that I can live without streaming music videos on YouTube, so it’s not a premium for me either.

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