You know how to NOT walk around with a t-shirt adorned with your home address, cell phone number, and a long list of your personal habits and interests? It’s a great idea.

In all honesty, NOT walking around with this t-shirt is one of the best ideas you have ever had. You owe your privacy, safety, and dignity to the fact that you managed to fight back, ever going outside wearing this t-shirt.

Now all you have to do is stop wearing it when you get online.

You may have a weak knowledge of what a VPN is. This is one of those terms that has only been used in conversations between IT professionals. But in recent years, as the risks of visiting online have multiplied, awareness has increased VPNs for Android has also grown.

To keep you up to date, a VPN (“Virtual Private Network”) protects you on the Internet by forwarding your traffic through an anonymous server so that no one can identify you.

Without a VPN, your IP address is …

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