Earlier this week, Apple announced it was ending production iPod touch. While this might make a lot of business sense, given that an iPod is essentially an iPhone that can’t connect to cellular networks, it’s still an emotional moment for many longtime users.

If you’re a die-hard iPod fan, there’s some good news. Just because Apple stopped making these life-changing devices doesn’t mean you can’t buy them anymore. They are sold until there are none left. If you want to grab an iPod Touch, Amazon still has a few models on offer. However, if you want a piece of history, we recommend buying quickly before they are looted by collectors who will demand more than you might be willing to pay.

A Brief History of Portable Music

People like to have their music with them at all times. This not only makes them feel good, but can also boost their self-esteem. In the early days of portable music, the problem was making a player that was compact enough to play the medium, but was still portable – a 45 vinyl record was fairly portable, but a turntable was not.

As technology advanced, formats changed rapidly from tapes to CDs to files that took up virtually no space. The first MP3 player came out in the late 90’s but didn’t really catch on. It wasn’t until Steve Jobs introduced the iPod and declared that you could now “put 1,000 songs in your pocket” that the world of portable music changed forever.

The evolution of the iPod

The first iPod was an odd looking device with a big wheel on the front. It came out on October 23, 2001. Less than a year later, the next generation model was available. The second generation iPod worked with PCs and boasted the ability to store 4,000 songs. Over the next few years, Apple refined the wheel design, adding color, album art, and more. The company also began releasing variations on the idea, such as the iPod Nano and the iPod Shuffle.

In 2007, the world changed again when the first iPod Touch was released. Ironically, this year also gave us the first iPhone, the device that would ultimately be responsible for making the iPod obsolete. Over the next 15 years, the iPod’s design continued to evolve, offering changes in screen size, thickness, storage, and more. However, as more and more people moved away from owning a limited supply of music to stream everything they ever wanted to hear, the iPod was left behind because it had limited connectivity – you could only stream at home or on the go hotspot.

People still love the iPod

On May 10, 2022, Apple officially discontinued the iPod Touch. But the iPod Touch is not an 8-track tape. Many people have fond memories of using this device over the past two decades. Some people still prefer owning their music to streaming it. If that’s you, all is not lost. There are still some discontinued models available at Amazon. If you’re looking to get one of the last iPod touches ever made, you may only have days or hours to act.

Obsolete iPods still available from Amazon

Apple iPod Touch Gold – 7th Generation

This is one of the few new iPods left. This 7th generation model has 32 GB, a 4-inch screen size and a battery life of 40 hours. It features a classic gold color and sleek design. It has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology.

Sold by Amazon

Apple iPod Touch Pink - 7th Generation

Apple iPod Touch Pink – 7th Generation

The pink iPod is the best bargain. It offers everything the Gold model has but is currently a fraction of the cost. The updated A10 Fusion chip delivers performance up to 2x faster than previous generations, and the Group FaceTime feature allows you to share time with family and friends.

Sold by Amazon

Apple iPod Touch Blue (Refurbished) - 7th Generation

Apple iPod Touch Blue (Refurbished) – 7th Generation

Although this is a used model, it has been inspected, tested and cleaned by Amazon qualified suppliers. The battery is guaranteed to be at least 80% capacity and the product comes with a 90-day Amazon guarantee that promises a refund or replacement within 90 days of receipt.

Sold by Amazon

Apple iPod Touch Space Gray (Refurbished) - 7th Generation

Apple iPod Touch Space Gray (Refurbished) – 7th Generation

This classic Space Gray model is the latest generation. It is a refurbished product that comes with an Amazon-backed guarantee of refund or replacement if not satisfied within 90 days of receipt. This 7th generation iPod offers graphics that are up to three times faster than previous generations.

Sold by Amazon

Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation Silver (Refurbished)

Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation Silver (Refurbished)

This renewed model comes with Apple EarPods, a Lightning to USB cable and a quick start guide. It has a front camera that captures 1.2 megapixel photos and 720p HD videos. The device is backed by a 90-day guarantee, so you can buy it with peace of mind.

Sold by Amazon

Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation Red (Refurbished)

Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation Red (Refurbished)

This bright red iPod includes Siri, a front-facing FaceTime camera, and 128 gigabytes of storage. There are no earbuds, but it does include an Amazon-backed 90-day warranty.

Sold by Amazon

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