SILVER SPRING, MD / ACCESSWIRE / July 16, 2021/ Yellow Tail Tech is known for teaching students with no prior IT knowledge. Around 90 percent of the students have no IT background whatsoever, but thanks to the company’s framework, these people have managed to get high-paying jobs in the technology industry. Founded in 2014, Yellow Tail Tech offers six to nine month programs for serious and motivated students looking to boost or transform their careers.

Technology is advancing rapidly, creating millions and millions of jobs in the process. In the near future, most jobs will require some level of technological know-how and lagging behind will limit opportunities. Fortunately, Yellow Tail Tech is here to contain all of these issues by being a very successful EdTech company providing individuals with no IT background or technical expertise with exceptional skills to help them find their first high paying IT job.

The renowned EdTech company …

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