yakuza Creator Toshihiro Nagoshi has officially announced the formation of its new development studio, Nagoshi Studio.

The self-proclaimed studio was published this month by the EU Intellectual Property Office, and although the brand did not name the former Sega Creative Director in relation to the listing acknowledged his connection to video game software and development.

Now the news is official, along with the launch of an official website shows Nagoshi and the other first members of the team.

The studio is a “wholly-owned subsidiary” of Chinese company NetEase Games and will focus on developing “high-end titles for global release,” primarily on consoles.

Nagoshi is initially joined by eight other employees:

  • Daisuke Sato (director and producer of the Yakuza series)
  • Kazuki Hosokawa (Designer who worked on Panzer Dragoon and Jet Set Radio, art director and designer of the Yakuza and evaluation games)
  • Koji Tokieda (programmer who worked on Super Monkey Ball and F-Zero AX/GX, main programmer for Yakuza: Like a dragon)
  • Masao Shirosaki (Designer who served as producer for Super Monkey Ball and Yakuza series games)
  • Mitsunori Fujimoto (engineer who has provided development support for Sega games since 1999)
  • Naoki Someya (background designer for the Yakuza series and art director for the Judgment games)
  • Toshihiro Ando (artist who was lead character designer on the Judgment games)
  • Taichi Ushioda (director who previously worked for Square Enix, Level-5 and Sega)

In conversation with FamitsuNagoshi confirmed that the studio has already started work on its first game and that it will continue to have a Japanese focus, similar to the games Yakuza and Judgment.

“We’re Japanese and we’re a Japanese studio, so obviously Japan is the market we understand best,” he explained.

“We’ve been desperately trying to find a method that would allow us to create something that would be accepted around the world while continuing to focus on Japan. However, I don’t think I’ve been able to fully answer this question until now.

“To find the answer, to pursue the ideal, I founded Nagoshi Studio. However, the focus will continue to be on Japan in the future.”

Yakuza Veterans Confirm Formation of Nagoshi Studio
Nagoshi says he wants to run an “open” studio with staffing discussions that ignore hierarchy and seniority.

Nagoshi also noted that his studio will focus on only releasing games when they’re ready, rather than rushing them.

“I used to work with Nintendo, and I envied and admired their attitude, ‘We’re not going to release a game until we can say it’s done,'” he said.

“I was jealous and admired that attitude and I want to keep the same policy of not giving up on ideals but persevering until those ideals come true.

“If you’ve never made a game before, you might think that’s an obvious statement. But when someone who makes games hears it, they might think, ‘Are you sure you can say something like that nowadays?’” he laughed.