Michael Lovelady received the Technology Transfer Support Award for contributions to technology advancement and licensing.
Josh Harris, from left, Sara Webb, and Casey Guinan are copyrighted to the Information Release Office system, which ensures that information is properly verified before it is published.  This photo was taken before the pandemic.

The inventors of the Y-12 National Security Complex were honored for their innovative technological achievements during Consolidated Nuclear Security’s annual Technology Transfer Awards. Due to COVID-19 protocols, the ceremony was postponed and held virtually for the first time.

According to a press release from Y-12, the website has a long history of making technology that will be rolled out to the private sector.

In fiscal 2019, five patents were granted in areas ranging from nanomaterials to several unique material processes. Patent recipients included Roland Seals (retired), Nathaniel Henry, Jeffrey Preston, Edward Ripley, and Ashley Stowe.

Copyright has been given to Casey Guinan, Joshua Harris, and Sara Webb for the Information Release Office System.

24 inventors were honored for promoting new ideas, granting patents and using innovative solutions. These employees have been recognized for both their creativity and innovative ideas in support of the …

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