The XENDEE microgrid cloud computing platform was announced as the category winner at the Edison Awards 2021 for Critical Human Infrastructure. XENDEE was selected from a group of more than 7,000 products and services this year and is awarded either gold, silver or bronze for its category. The award ceremony itself will take place on April 22nd, Thomas Edison’s birthday, at the Luminary Hotel in Fort Myers, Florida.

“This year, an incredible number of new features have been added to the XENDEE platform, both from a technical and a user-friendly perspective,” noted Scott Mitchell, MSCS, chief software architect at XENDEE. “We are proud to receive this award and look forward to developing additional features that can help designers and decision-makers redesign critical human infrastructure in a sustainable and renewable way.”

Founded in 1987, the Edison Awards have some of the most innovative products, services and …

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