One of the most popular multiplayer games of the past five years is just around the corner Xbox Game Pass in the near future. The game in question is random Rainbow Six Siege, this is the tactical shooter that Ubisoft has built on since it was first released in 2015. And although this message has not reached many since then siege is already available on some versions of the Game Pass, its addition now brings the title to all platform levels.

Ubisoft recently announced that Rainbow Six Siege is ready to come Xbox Game Pass for PC in just under two weeks on January 20th. As mentioned, the game has been available for a while now through Xbox Game Pass for console and cloud. However, PC Game Pass subscribers were left out in the rain and unable to access it siege for quite some time on your own platform of your choice. Thankfully, this newest addition is from Rainbow Six Siege finally solves this problem and after a long request from fans makes the title available for all versions of the service.

While the addition of siege on Game Pass for PC is quite a big deal already, it’s not the only game Ubisoft is bringing to Xbox Game Pass this month. The publisher announced this week that Rainbow Six extraction, the upcoming co-op shooter set in the same world will be comes with Game Pass for console and PC when it comes out January 20th. This is another third-party title Xbox last year for Game Pass with other games like MLB The Show 21, Pioneer, and Back 4 blood some of the other notable supplements.

What do you think of this influx of Rainbow Six games on Xbox Game Pass? And will you play too? extraction or siege for yourself if you’re a Game Pass subscriber? Either let me know in the comments or drop me a line on Twitter @ MooreMan12.

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