Xbox cloud browser-based gaming has been leaving the limited beta since the end of April and is officially rolling an open beta for iPhone, iPad and Windows 10 (or Windows11!) Pcs. In connection, the Backbone One Mobile Gaming Controller for the iPhone – my favorite controller that mimics the physical experience of the Nintendo switchlike that Razer Kishi – joins that Developed for the Xbox program, with special functions that make you feel like you’re on one Xbox or standalone device.

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Xbox Cloud Gaming, née Project xCloud, allows you to play a subset of Xbox Game Pass Play games on a device other than a console by streaming them from the cloud, a la Google stadiums and Nvidia GeForce Now. It follows like others Amazon LunaThere’s a head start in using a web app to work around it Apple’s App Store Policies Effectively exclude the cloud gaming apps. Windows PCs allow you to play games that your system may not otherwise have the performance or storage space to run locally through Game Pass for PC.

The Backbone One comes with three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate free (it saves more than $ 1) Microsoft’s own current promotion of three months for 1!).

The Backbone One gamepad uses a similar layout, but slightly different from that of the. differs Microsoft’s own Xbox controller. But Backbone’s software is one of the keys to success, making the controller an easy update for current owners to keep the new features. It is compatible with all running iPhones iOS 13 or higher.


The Backbone One gamepad.

Lori Grunin / CNET

For example, it already has a dedicated gameplay capture button, can tag gameplay and share it as a link, contains a dynamic feed, and, as it was designed for use with all mobile games, can serve as a central hub for those titles.

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Starfield and Halo Infinite are the stars of Microsoft’s …


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