Wyze offers another networked lighting product that is completely different from its intelligent lightbulb. The Wyze Light Strip, which is now available for pre-order, allows users to add accent lighting almost anywhere in their home with the peel-and-stick functionality. Unlike most light strips, the Wyze Light Strip can be controlled with your phone.

The Wyze Light Strip is a connected LED light strip with intelligent functions, including the possibility of automatically adjusting its color temperature to the natural light of the day. As with connected lightbulbs, the Wyze Light Strip supports functions such as vacation mode, sleep routines, automations and timers. There is also voice control with Google Assistant and Alexa support.

One of the more interesting features of the product is the Music Mode, a function that allows the light strips to be synchronized with the beat of the music via an integrated microphone. Both the Wyze Light Strip and the Light Strip Pro version have tunable white and RGB color LEDs.

Assuming you get the Pro model, you will have access to the 16 million colors, according to Wyze, noting that this model also has 16 customizable segments for multi-colored setups. Both light strips can also be cut to size, meaning they can be tailored to the areas where you want to add accent lighting – for example the back of a desk, behind the television or above the kitchen cabinets.

The Wyze Light Strip is the cheaper of the two products at $ 25.99 for a 16.4 foot strand and $ 35.99 for a 32.8 foot strand. The Wyze Light Strip Pro, on the other hand, costs $ 30.99 or $ 44.99 for the same strands. Both products can now be pre-ordered.

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