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Wyze announces Buds Pro with ANC and then teases an even cheaper set


Wyze has made a name for itself selling dirt cheap stuff that works surprisingly well, especially surveillance cameras, lightbulbs, and other smart devices. It has recently expanded to include more mobile-related technologies, including A full size noise-canceling headphone. The next logical step for the company is in the skyrocketing segment of true wireless earbuds. So here we are: the Wyze Buds Pro.

At $ 60 it’s that Wyze Buds Pro doesn’t seem like the shocking bargain that Wyze’s other devices are (especially since that doesn’t include shipping yet). After all, you can find $ 30 worth of earbuds at almost any electronics store or department store or drug store. However, Wyze is betting that the inclusion of active noise cancellation, which is still not a standard feature below the $ 100 level, will make all the difference. The manufacturer claims that with three microphones on each bud, it can cancel out up to forty decibels of outside noise, including wind.

Other surprisingly high-quality features include pass-through audio mode, wireless charging of the case, and six hours of battery life with the ANC turned off. (With the ANC switched on, the value drops to 4.5 hours.) The case is suitable for two charges, a total of 18 hours outside the charger. The Buds Pro work with Alexa, but not with the Google Assistant (at least not on the data sheet). Sensors in each bud automatically pause the music if they fall out, and the bar design includes the usual touch controls.

Check out Wyze’s sizzling roll, with the discount Ryan Reynolds recounts.

The Wyze Buds Pro can be pre-ordered today, but will unfortunately only be delivered in July. The promo page says there is a new “Buddy” product that skips active noise cancellation but increases battery life to a total of 24 hours. Hopefully the price will go down too.

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