Wyndham Hotels checks into the cloud

Consumer behavior shifts spurred by home-sharing are forcing some hoteliers to seek help from outside the hospitality sector for a fresh perspective. That’s what Wyndham Hotels and Resorts CEO Geoffrey A. Ballotti had in mind when he turned to the consumer electronics industry to find CIO Scott Strickland in 2017.

Since joining Wyndham fresh off a five-year stint leading IT for D&M Holdings, Strickland has been laying the digital foundation for a hotel group whose 20 brands command 9,000 hotels throughout 80 countries worldwide. That work includes consolidating and migrating to the public cloud a hodgepodge of core systems that had grown unwieldy over the years from the many hotel chains Wyndham acquired, including budget brands Super 8 and Days Inn, as well as its recent purchase of La Quinta.

The lift-and-shift migration paves the way for new employee and guest experiences, Strickland says, adding that his team removed more than 4,800 servers running in its properties as a result of moving to the public cloud.

“We’re investing in technology to remove friction from, and to make life easier for, our franchisees,” Strickland says of the modernization efforts.

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