WWE takes action against American fans who use VPN to access the WWE network


WWE signed a big deal with Peacock, but the rest of the world still gets the WWE Network. Americans found a way to get around this problem by using a VPN. Apparently someone cleared up the WWE on this tactic.

Fans in America could still access the WWE network through a VPN. Now, days before Money in the Bank, they’re going through it tough. A tweet went viral showing a screenshot someone took while trying to access the WWE network using a VPN, and it’s not a good sign for these fans.

“Your device is connected to the Internet via a VPN or proxy service. Please disable it and try again, ”the prompt under a large section reads“ SIGN IN TO YOUR WWE ACCOUNT ”. It seems that fans who use a VPN now need to get Peacock.

It appears that WWE is now reviewing VPN usage. Unless a fan has a VPN that can get around even though WWE is checking VPN usage, then it looks like WWE has come up with a solution to their problem.

That certainly frustrates a lot of fans out there. Likewise,…

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