It lacked all of the hardware launches we expected, but June 2021 had everything else from WWDC starts to controversy about new macOS and iOS and more.

Perhaps the only thing that goes a little deeper than there isn’t a hardware launch at WWDC this June is what happened immediately afterwards. Almost everyone who had insisted that there would be, said now, of course there is no such thing.

WWDC is a software event, they said, come on. They were quite right about that. The definition of the word “confirmed”, not as much. Apple has waited until after WWDC to order wiggle your finger if there is a leak, but.

However, if you followed the keynote with your thumbs crossed as you read the words “14-inch MacBook Pro“You may have missed it over and over again. It seemed to be front-loaded with the iPhone, and the Mac Section initially seemed to be mostly “what you just said about iOS”.

But the more you’ve listened and the more you’ve learned after the keynotethe more excited there was. Every man for himself – Whether your focus is on the iPhone or the Mac, you have a few different features and some overlapping features to look forward to.

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September suddenly seems very far away. There are developer betas of all of Apple’s updated operating systems now, and there will be public betas starting July, but you know what’s next. A warning.

Never upgrade to a beta version of anything unless you have to, and even then, never upgrade on your only or primary device. This is also a bit specific, but important – if you wrote about updating to developer betas last year and forgot you’re still on the program, don’t click the Update Now button in System Preferences.

September is not far off, especially if you’re a developer who is just sherlocked from Apple.

And in the meantime, we’ve seen a lot of Apple launches here in June where we can use them.

Market launch in June 2021

It will come to all Apple Music content, so it will be available to all Apple Music subscribers without having to pay more per month. Though may need to buy new headphones with them.

Apple has also revamped and relaunched its website for Apple Music artists to bring new tools for musicians on duty. And for all listeners it started a new Pride music page LGBTQ artists celebrate.

Compared to that potential reach of Apple Music, Apple’s other June launches were more limited. There was Apple Tower Theater, the newest Apple Store that is great for you if your in downtown Los Angeles. Tim cook and Deirdre O’Brien was.

Then the Apple TV app appeared Nvidia Shield with 4K. Though we’re talking about Apple TV apps, in late June HBO Max decided to go its own way and ditch using Apple’s developer APIs in favor of its own far superior.

And it was late June too, probably more than an hour later, but not much more than when HBO Max updated its app on Back to using Apple’s APIs. Imagine how Windows Vista users upgraded to Windows Apply this way. It was something like that.

Although we’re talking about Windows, both Apple and Microsoft made progress with it in June 2021. Was most noticeable Microsoft starts Windows 11 Just days after Windows 11 leaked everywhere.

Windows 11 is compatible with certain newer Intel processors

Windows 11 is compatible with certain newer Intel processors

It’s been six years since Windows 10 came out, but Apple can beat that in terms of speed. Just eight years after Windows added the Precision touchpad software to make up for poor PC trackpads, Apple did added the feature to Boot camp.

Which didn’t start in June 2021

You may have noticed that there weren’t any new MacBook Pro models. But there was also no homeOS, as seen in an Apple job advertisement. Apple rewritten the ad when it was discovered, claiming almost convincingly that it was a typo for HomePod.

But there also hasn’t been an Apple primary health care service rolled out this month or in any of the months since around 2017. However, we have now learned that Apple has been seriously pursuing this idea for so long, despite it seems to have stalled now.

The saddest thing, however, was what could be called anti-launch. From June 2021 it is not possible anymore to buy the Apple Magic Trackpad, Keyboard or Mouse in Space Gray.

But as of June, it could be the US that Apple is most concerned about. As a package of laws limiting big tech companies tech has made its way Apple got to work through the House of Judiciary.

Photo credit: J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Photo credit: J. Scott Applewhite / AP

Lack of chips starts to bite

If there is no lack of legal questions, there is an increasing shortage of processors worldwide. June started with Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger saying the chip shortage was worse than we thought, and the month ended with him say it again to make sure we heard

At some point, however, the deficiency will improve, and Apple’s main processor manufacturer TSMC is thinking into the future. It is start of building a 5nm chip factory in Arizona.

However, TSMC is also looking to the present, and sources say this will benefit Apple. The processor manufacturer should prioritize the auto industry and Apple over other PC manufacturers.

Maybe then we’ll see the 14-inch MacBook Pro that we wanted in June – and also want in July and August.

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