If you get the error message while installing WSL:WslRegisterDistribution failed with error 0x80370102– Then this post will help you with the solution. The error occurs for several reasons. Nested virtualization, a limit on CPUID, virtualization support, and more.

WslRegisterDistribution failed with error 0x80370102

Follow these suggestions to resolve the issue.

  • Enable nested virtualization
  • Enable Hyper-V support at the BIOS level
  • Disable the restriction of the CPUID

You need administrator rights and knowledge of the BIOS to implement them.

Enable nested virtualization

If you installed Windows in a VM and then try to install WSL, you need to enable nested virtualization. Start PowerShell with administrator rights and run the command as described below.

Set-VMProcessor -VMName <VMName> -ExposeVirtualizationExtensions $true

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to enable virtualization at the hardware level. It depends on the BIOS or UEFI. More about this on the official Microsoft …

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