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A new report from Wall Street Journalclaims Microsoft is in exclusive talks to acquire Discord for $ 10 billion and that a deal could be struck as early as next month. The news comes just days after it was revealed that Discord was about to sell, and it did Microsoft was a potential buyer alongside Epic Games and others.

Discord would be an incredibly valuable asset in Microsoft’s continued Xbox efforts, in which the company has acquired many well-known game studios over the past few years to enhance its successful Xbox Game Pass subscription. Microsoft could use Discord as the backbone for the Xbox networkThis allows players to communicate in and out of games across Xbox and PC platforms.

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Microsoft has been trying to acquire a community-driven platform for a few months. Last year the company was in the running to acquire TikTokand recent rumors suggested the company was up also interested in acquiring Pinterest. Discord is an incredibly popular community platform and fits right into Microsoft’s gaming portfolio.

It is rumored that Discord plans to sell for more than $ 10 billion. If so, it would make Discord one of Microsoft’s more expensive acquisitions, with LinkedIn leading the way with a sales price of $ 26.6 billion.

While the two companies are in exclusive talks, nothing is set in stone until an agreement is actually reached. We may not have to wait long for a result as the Wall Street Journal claims the deal could close as soon as next month. The deal would then have to be approved by regulators before it can be classified as “official”.

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