ControlUp 8.2 Part 2: Working with Horizon Published Apps

After Tom Fenton discussed the end-user web-based computer monitoring tool SOLVE in Part 1 of this series, he turned to the applications published by Horizon.

By doing first part in this two-part series ControlUp 8.2I’ve looked at perhaps the biggest new feature in this version: SOLVE, a web-based monitoring tool for EUC environments. In this article, I’ll cover how to work with Horizon-published applications with ControlUp 8.2.

Applications published by Horizon
Prior to version 8.2, ControlUp was unable to monitor applications published by Horizon. In addition to adding the ability to monitor them in this release, the company added the ability to perform administrative functions on them.

From the ControlUp console in the organizational structure, I navigated to EUC environments> Horizon 7 environment> Farms> Hrz7_App-Farm. This as …


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