Work smarter and more securely from anywhere with Getflix VPN


Need to be able to work from anywhere without sacrificing security or speed? Getflix Smart DNS & VPN is here for you.

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If you’re traveling for business, you should use a VPN to stay safe when using public WiFi. However, you cannot use a VPN that will slow down your browsing and throttle your traffic. Getflix Smart DNS & VPN is a great solution for business people.

Unlike other VPN services, Getflix does not use complex VPNs or tunnels; Instead, it uses DNS to only redirect interesting connections to foreign servers, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions and continue browsing at top speeds. That way when you are Travel abroadyou can access your favorite streaming services anywhere.

Getflix is ​​SSL secured with 256-bit encryption to fully protect your browsing traffic. In addition, your data is not logged, analyzed, verified or archived, so you really…

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