Some women in Walker County made the life-changing decision to pursue engineering careers through Bevill State Community College.

Jennifer Moseley, Brandy Cole, and Veronica Hardin are three undergraduate students enrolled in technical programs at college. They will be the first to tell you that the pursuit of a technical degree is in the best interests of your children and that starting a new degree is the path to financial security and job stability.

Moseley is studying electronics at Bevill State. She used to be in the military and worked in retail for years.

She later realized that a fresh start was necessary.

“It was something I just wanted to do temporarily (retail) and now it’s been 15 years that I’ve done something that I’m not very happy with,” she said. “I’m almost 40 and I realized that you must be satisfied with yourself and your choice of career. I’ve decided to change and do something better for myself and my children.”

Moseley …

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