It has become increasingly clear that there is unlikely to be a final “end” to the pandemic – and jobs are trying to figure out what that means for them in the future. Since tech companies in particular are considering whether they want to bring their employees back to the office full-time, all for full-time remote work, or follow a “hybrid” model, there is one more question they should ask themselves.

Could a “post-pandemic” technology industry finally put women first?

The industry’s sins regarding women in tech are well documented – and we don’t need to rehearse them here. Instead, let’s look at some ways tech workplaces could realign themselves to better serve the needs of women in the workforce.

Hybrid work

Working in the office some days and remotely some other days – or “hybrid work” – is often touted as being better for women. This is likely because women still bear a greater burden when it comes to home care. From cleaning to …

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