You’ll be excused if you’ve never heard of Wiz, an 18-month-old Israeli security startup owned by Microsoft Azure Vets, but it has already made a splash by raising $ 550 million on a valuation of $ 6 billion has collected. (No, that’s not a typo).

Wiz began developing an agentless tool to scan across the entire range of cloud tools, from virtual machines to containers to serverless, says Raaz Herzberg, Wiz non-cloud native product manager. We basically took the cloud APIs and worked our way through to a full scan, and that’s never been done before, ”she said.

Today the company announced a new product called Wiz Guardrails, designed to create a single security policy to protect code from creation to production, essentially expanding the coverage of the original product from the cloud infrastructure to the development pipeline will.

“We’re releasing something today … I …

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