The news that two teams of Chinese scientists have achieved a quantum advantage – a technical term for when a computer can perform functions beyond those of a classic computer – could be the signal that we have really entered a new era. While Google’s 54-qubit quantum processor, Sycamore, became the first well-known example of early-stage quantum computing, the latest news from the University of Science and Technology of China at Hefei is the best evidence yet that we have crossed the information rubicon.

But despite many reasons to be excited about these developments, there are also reasons to be concerned. As we all long for the day when we can predict traffic jams, write animal testing in the history books, or determine the likelihood of developing cancer and then come up with a unique treatment – all in seconds – its tremendous power has a dark side.

Perhaps the most terrifying thing for a society so dependent on the Internet is the quantum level computing that drives all of our …

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