The typical sale for a video doorbell is, “You need to see what’s going on at your doorstep from your phone so no one steals your Amazon packages.” The smart home company Wyze goes one step further and warns its potential users: “You need a video doorbell so that your neighbors don’t put burning poop bags on your doormat.”

In an honestly hilarious video made for the new Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, the company invites you to buy their newest doorbell so you can keep an eye on the bonafide war zone, the classic suburban neighborhood.

The video begins with a soothing James Earl Jones-style voice-over discussing the grandeur of the American “front porch” as a young boy happily walks down the path to his front door. But when we zoom in, the kid turns out to be a grubby little bastard playing ding dong ditch on a soon-to-be angry father.

We see him frantically pressing the Wyze doorbell and peering threateningly through the fisheye lens in the homeowner’s Wyze app. As the man jumps up and follows the kid on his way, he catches a delivery driver who reacts by stepping the package he delivered onto the porch with all the finesse of an NFL kicker.

Wyze’s video promoting its new video doorbell reflects the reality of why you’d want one – like neighborhood kids leaving burning dog poop bags on your porch.
Image: Wyze

Meanwhile, the reassuring narrator tells us about the benefits of Wyze’s new doorbell – including package and pet detection – as the family’s little terrier runs on cue to attack the postman.

While the voice-over of neighborly neighbors who bring a basket full of freshly picked garden zucchini becomes lyrical, the husband is pelted with eggs by a whole gang of neighborhood children. When his wife comes out to save him, one of those insidious children – which we can only tell by her face when she expresses it – puts a bag full of burning dog poop on the doormat.

It is clearly a mailing from Ring’s video doorbell company own marketing pushthat focuses on how neighborly we all are and how we all take care of each other and our packages. In the end – as sad as it is to say – Wyze will likely paint a more realistic picture of the historic American neighborhood – and why you actually want a video doorbell.

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