If you’re looking for inspiration on how to capture more engaging videos on your iPhone or other smartphone, check out a new video released by Apple with just that aim.

The video with the title was created in collaboration with the creatives Donghoon Jun and James Thornton from Incite Everyday experiments: full bloomoffers many flower-centered ideas to take your video skills to the next level.

Apple’s video begins with the couple creating a stop-motion movie in which they take a series of photos, making small adjustments to the subject in the picture. That way, you can create some really creative clips where Jun and Thornton use the technique to seemingly turn fruits and vegetables into flowers. And whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, the availability of stop motion video apps like Stop Motion Studio (Appstore;; Google play) means anyone can try.

The two creatives then play with the iPhone’s slow-motion mode and experiment with different techniques to find out which one gives the best results. Use flowers, highlighter ink, and ultraviolet light to see what is in store for them.

Most of all, the video is a reminder to familiarize yourself with the camera functions of your smartphone, rather than taking a simple picture each time with the shutter button. For example, do you ever use the time-lapse feature? Jun and Thornton achieved some pretty impressive results simply by setting up the feature for an overnight shoot and then looking back in the morning.

This isn’t the first time Apple has partnered with the two photography enthusiasts. Soon after the iPhone 12 launched last year, Jun and Thornton, for example produced her first Everyday experiments Video With suggestions on how to make your iPhone videos more eye-catching. Like the couple’s recent efforts, the video also took advantage of the iPhone’s slow-motion mode while highlighting the night mode and macro features.

Also, check out this Apple video for some inspiring ideas on how to create your video clips look more like something out of a Hollywood movie.

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