This is not the kind of news you want to hear on a Monday. But I think it’s the right day of the week for it. While I don’t share the collective anger at the first day of the week that many people seem to feel, it goes without saying Mondays are just the worst. And this news today makes me hate this particular Monday more than most because it seems we have to say goodbye to dreams of a foldable pixel phone. At least for now.

According to Ross Young of DSCC (a company specializing in display supply chains) The company has confirmed with supply chain sources that Google has canceled the necessary parts they need to build the as-yet-unannounced foldable Pixel phone. Despite reports earlier in the year referring to the Pixel Fold will become a reality at the end of 2021, it seems that Google has completely slowed down the somewhat unproven form factor.

Android 12L is a top priority for Chromebooks

We covered Android 12L not that long ago and what it could mean for Chromebooks and tablets, but I really thought those benefits were secondary so far. If you look at the presentations on the new, upcoming Android version, it seems pretty clear that the focus is on folding devices. While that would be a bit strange in the current market with just a handful of large folding screens, In a world where Google was planning its own flip phone, it made perfect sense.

With this news, Chromebooks appear to be the biggest target for Android 12L. Sure, there are Android tablets out there, but when you look at the news from Google on this latest update to Android, it becomes clear that Chromebooks are at the fore.

Now, without my own foldable Android 12L, I would imagine the focus will shift a lot to what this new version of Android can bring to the bigger screens of Chromebooks in the future. With better handling of app windows, notifications, and app display settings for large screens, Android 12L could vastly improve the overall experience of using Play Store apps on your Chromebook.

The disappointment is palpable

Even so, I am still incredibly sad to hear this news. Sure, I’m very excited to see the potential of Android 12L for Chromebooks, and I still hope that developers will use these tools to have great experiences in the future. But I was even more looking forward to a folding device with pixel cameras and pixel software.

I don’t know if a big screen in my pocket would be really useful, but I’ve always wanted to try it out. Samsung’s latest Fold 3 is compelling, but I really don’t like how clumsy Samsung’s handling of Android is. It’s been well over a year since I tried it, so things might get better, but I doubt it. The idea of ​​the same form factor with no gas and no Samsung’s software really got me excited to really give the folding phone a try. However, it looks like I’ll be waiting a little longer because the phone I was hoping for looks like it has now been put on the table.

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