One of best VPN deals that you are likely to ever come across is this one Black Friday, with PureVPN now offering a full five years of protection for just $ 1.13 per month. That’s five years for only $ 67.96.

Well, yes, you have to prepay the full five years, but the folks at PureVPN offer a 31-day money-back guarantee – you can ask for a refund if you have any problems. That is exactly what makes this deal a breeze. Offers like these don’t pop up often, and you can test PureVPN’s servers for a full month before deciding whether it’s for you or not.

Everyone should have a VPN on hand when working on unsecure networks or even doing their banking in a coffee shop. Some may argue that using a VPN 24/7 is a good idea just to keep your ISP away from your browsing data. Whatever your thoughts on it, we can all agree that this is a deal not to be missed.

How’s the deal going? It’s very simple – follow our link …

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