Windows and Linux on MacOS on Intel Core and Apple Silicon


The virtualization software VMware Fusion, which can be seen as a counterpart to VMware from macOS for Windows, from the US company VMware of the same name has now been released as a technology preview in the latest version 22H2. That means virtual systems are based on Windows and Linux on Intel Core and Apple Silicon on macOS.

As the developers announced on the VMware Fusion blog, a tech preview of the upcoming VMware Fusion 22H2 is available for download and testing on the official website.

Linux 5.19 with 3D graphics acceleration

The following innovations and optimizations are offered, which, among other things, should also improve the operation of Windows 11 and the support of Linux on the M1 processor. Version 4.3 for virtual machines with the Linux operating system offers accelerated 3D graphics and OpenGL for the first time.

It requires the current operating system kernel Linux 5.19 and the powerful free 3D graphics stack Mesa 3D in version 22.1.3.

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