Windows 11’s blue screen of death is black


The transition from Windows 10 to Windows 11 appears to be removing one of the most famous and dreaded screens from Microsoft’s operating system. The Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) should disappear.

How The Verge reports, Preview builds of Windows 11 indicated that the BSoD will remain, but the “B” now stands for black. Although not yet officially confirmed, Microsoft is believed to have switched from blue to black to match the black backgrounds of the login and shutdown screens in its new operating system. Except for the color, we shouldn’t expect any further changes to the BSoD. It will still convey the same information with the same layout.

It’s hard to say the blue screen of death will be missed because we are all scared of facing it. If you can see this screen, an error has occurred and Windows simply couldn’t cope with it and can no longer function. You’ll need to restart and keep your fingers crossed that another BSoD doesn’t reappear right away.

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Mac users will also lose the Blue Screen of Death for good once Parallels achieves full compatibility for Windows 11 in Parallels Desktop. And even older PCs can lose it at some point if Microsoft chooses to supports 7th generation Intel CPUs and first generation Ryzen chips under Windows11.

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