Remember back in 2015 when Microsoft developer evangelist Jerry Nixon famously said at this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference today that “Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows”? If not, do you remember how the company called it “the most secure Windows ever” just before it launched that same year? Guess what? The first statement has not aged well as Windows 11 will likely be released in October.

Microsoft is also beating the Windows 11 security drum and hitting it hard by speaking about how it offers the strongest protection against malware yet. However, the claim that Windows 11 will “increase the security base” to protect against ransomware is the scratch of the head for many information security professionals.

The big Windows 11 TPM Kerfuffle

Before we get into the Red Hering of Windows 11 ransomware, let’s dig into the security stink that has been around since the hardware requirements for running the …


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