Windows 11 now has a dedicated VPN indicator in the notification area


We have already reported several features hidden in the latest Windows 11 Build 25247. However, the latest update keeps giving back – users have noticed that the update includes a new VPN indicator in the notification area, which allows you to quickly check if your computer is connected to a VPN.The VPN indicator in Windows 11

It should be noted that the current state of the feature looks half-baked. You can only see the new VPN indicator (on the screenshot on the right) if you’re using a wired connection – no eye candy for those using Wi-Fi. Another major limitation is that the operating system cannot detect third-party VPN applications, so the network display remains unchanged when you access a VPN through the dedicated app.

You’ll need to manually set up a VPN connection in the Settings app to see the new indicator in action. Some VPN services provide instructions on how to connect using Windows’ built-in networking tools, so you should check your…

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