As we near the actual Windows 11 launch, which is slated to happen sometime this fall, Microsoft keeps rolling out new builds, most of which will have very minor improvements. Today the software giant has rolled out build 22000.71 to Windows insiders in the dev ring.

The new build, which will be delivered via an automatic update, features a new entertainment widget that encourages the purchase of movies from the Microsoft Store, some new transparent shades in the right-click menus, an improved design of the preview when moving the mouse over taskbar icons and a new style of “split button” in the file explorer user interface.

We were not yet impressed with the Windows 11 widgets, which appear like the personalized MSN start page but are built into the operating system. As part of build 22000.71, Microsoft added a new type of “entertainment” widget that shows you a list of movies to rent or buy and then takes you to a page in the Microsoft Store when you click them.

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If you enable this widget now, you will be able to scroll through a list of the latest releases such as “Godzilla vs Kong” and “Trolls: World Tour”. When you click on one, you get the privilege of giving Microsoft some of your money to get it. These films are part of the Movies Anywhere initiative and should therefore run on a wide variety of devices.

Microsoft movie page

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Part of the move to Windows 11 is a change to the company’s new “acrylic” design language. Now the right-click menu has this design language, which means it’s just a tiny bit translucent.

Microsoft compares before and after using the right-click menu

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New taskbar previews

Microsoft has made subtle changes to the look of preview windows when you hover over a system tray menu.

Taskbar preview

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New “SplitButton” in the file manager

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