The infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) has plagued Windows users since the days of Windows 3.0. But with the coming one Windows 11, Microsoft seems to have changed things by making the BSOD background black instead of blue.

According to The Verge, the Black Screen of Death has not yet been fully enabled in the preview builds of Windows 11. However, sooner or later this change will come as part of the new visual user interface changes for the upcoming generation of Windows. The background color seems to be the only major change to the BSOD screen, however, as the other elements – like the sad face emoji, QR code, and stop code – look pretty much the same as they are currently on Windows 10.

A BSOD is the way the operating system informs you that a fatal system error has occurred. This could be due to many different things, such as faulty hardware or an unexpected termination of a process for the system, which is critical. For example, I’ve had numerous BSODs lately and after diagnosing several parts of my computer it turned out that one of my ram sticks was faulty and needed to be replaced.

By the way, this is the first big change Microsoft made to the BSOD screen since 2016 when it added QR codes that you can scan for quick Microsoft support and help. Previously, in 2012, when Windows 8 was still around, they added the sad face emoji to BSODs.

However, if for some masochistic reason you want to try to get the new BSOD yourself, you’ll have to wait; As mentioned earlier, it’s not fully enabled in the preview build. Instead, you’ll find the green BSOD screen that Microsoft has been using since 2016 to indicate a Windows Insider build crash.

If you want to experience the green BSOD for now, then you can Check out the Windows Insider Program to get access to the preview build of Windows 11.


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