Windows 10 update will bring this major iPad improvement for users

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s operating system that is harnessed by computers across the globe.

In fact, Windows is by the far the world’s most popular software for such devices, according to Statista.

The outlet stated as of July, 2018, Windows had 82.88 percent of global operating systems market share for desktops.

In comparison, macOS came in second with a figure of 12.51 percent.

Finally, Linux and Chrome OS were said to have 1.71 percent and 0.5 percent respectively.

Windows 10 is the newest version of the software and released back in 2015.

The operating system typically receives two substantial upgrades every year; last year they arrived in April and October respectively.

However, it appears Microsoft is working on a new Windows 10 feature that looks set to please both fans of the American tech giant and iPad owners.

Scott Manchester, the group manager for the firm’s remote desktop service, recently posted a video on Twitter of the Virtual Desktop application running on an iPad.

Most notably, the software was shown working with mouse support, allowing the user to harness their iPad in a way typically more associated with a traditional PC.

The app itself appeared to be running smoothly and Manchester insisted it will be available “soon”.

Apple has long touted its iPad tablet as being capable enough to replace traditional computers.

However, it appears Microsoft is determined to make the experience of using the hardware even better for Windows 10 fans.

The Windows Virtual Desktop harnesses the power of Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service to replicate a traditional desktop experience on other devices.

The use of cloud computing means the hardware running the desktop does not need to power Windows 10 remotely.

It is worth noting not all Bluetooth mice will be supported at launch although it is expected more accessories will be supported in future updates.

In the video posted by Manchester the Swiftpoint GT is used.

An exact release date for the Windows Virtual Desktop application on iOS has not been officially confirmed.

However, judging by how the software ran in the demo and the Microsoft group manager’s tweet, it will surely not be long before it is available.

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