Windows is arguably the most widely used operating system in the world, and yet there are things that it still catches up with others, especially mobile platforms like Android and iOS. One area that has long been criticized is the handling of Bluetooth audio, both the media itself and its accessories. However, it seems that Microsoft is finally catching up in some ways with the next version of Windows 10, which finally has support for a popular audio codec and makes managing Bluetooth audio accessories less difficult.

Of course, to be fair, Windows 10 supports more industry-standard audio codecs like Bluetooth AptX, but that’s hardly the only one. On the other side of the platform fence, Apple introduced Advanced Audio Coding, perhaps better known as AAC, as a high quality lossy codec for streaming audio wirelessly. This, of course, has led other audio service providers and manufacturers to support the codec as well, often at the expense of platforms that don’t.

The latest insider preview Thankfully, Windows 10 brings hope to audiophiles. Only a small paragraph introduces support for the AAC codec when streaming via Bluetooth. Of course, the impact of this simple feature is much greater as it opens Windows 10 to more audio speakers and headphones.

The preview also reveals another much-needed update related to Bluetooth audio processing. In the next version of Windows 10, the platform will show multiple devices for the same device just because they have different profiles. Depending on which profile is actually used, only a single entry is displayed per device.

These are small but important changes designed to improve the quality of life for Windows users. That’s exactly the kind of polish the next Windows 10 May 2021 update, version 21H1, is supposed to bring. On the other hand, big features are expected later this year with what’s called the “Sun Valley” version, possibly in time for Windows 10X’s debut too.

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