Will cloud computing become obsolete due to inadequacies?

Will cloud computing become obsolete due to inadequacies?

Written in one play for TechRepublicauthor Franklin Okeke says cloud computing will prove insufficient in the future, although he does not identify what will replace the cloud other than a mention of the internet of things, Industry 4.0 and AI in Smart Devices and Smart Homes. He says:

“The advent of cloud computing caused a sudden departure from the traditional way companies think about IT resources. This shift led to a rapid increase in the number of companies adopting cloud computing.

However, despite these positive global market prospects, cloud computing has not been sufficient to handle the new changes sweeping the technology industry.”

The fact that all of these are either connected to cloud services, can run in the cloud, or are developed by cloud providers makes me disagree with his prediction regarding cloud computing.

He identifies the following areas negatively impacting cloud adoption: Occasional…

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