For more than a decade, the cloud computing market has revolved around three names: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). These so-called Big 3 cloud providers controlled an overwhelming share of the cloud market. But times are changing. Thanks to several important trends, the Big 3 clouds are increasingly being put under pressure from what are known as tier 2 cloud providers – platforms like IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and a host of other names you may not even have heard of.

Here’s a look at how the cloud market is changing and why tier 2 cloud providers may play a bigger role in the next decade of cloud computing.


Perhaps the biggest driver of competition between the Big 3 clouds and the Tier 2 clouds is cost.

The exact cost of a cloud workload can vary widely. So it’s hard to say that one cloud will always be cheaper than another. But you can argue quite plausibly …

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