A few weeks ago, another friend of mine became a victim of identity theft, and I got another deep dive into how incredibly broken the US can be when it comes to security. “You have my social security number,” she said, and I was reminded how many systems in the US are woefully poorly designed. That said: this morning I called my bank and was asked for the last four digits of my SSN and they sort of accepted my identity because I knew those four digits. LOL WHAT? If my bank were a startup, I would call the CEO and demand that the chief security officer be fired on the spot for gross incompetence.

When I moved to the US a few years ago, my friends made sure I knew I needed to keep my Social Security Number (SSN) secret and hidden. When I started opening a bank account and setting up a cell phone plan, it became clear why: all sorts of institutions that should know better deal with this series of numbers…

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