the Galaxy S20 FE was the bargain of the year when it came out in September 2020. Sure, it has made some trade-offs in areas like build quality and connectivity (the base model didn’t come with 5G), but those trade-offs were very easy to miss thanks to things like the powerful camera system that was either as good or better than the one on the one Galaxy S20, as well as the remaining functions that bring the S20 FE on a par with the premium flagships from Samsung Samsung Galaxy S20 FE was also slightly better than what companies like Google and Apple had to offer back then. The $ 699 price tag was spot on to make it a better deal than either Pixel 5 and iPhone 12. The S20 FE was commercially successful (by Samsung standards) and wasn’t just praised in our own review but pretty universal.

In fact, I’d say the S20 FE is still one of the better smartphone deals out there today, which is why I recommended it to a close friend of mine. OnePlus 9 About a week ago. He paid just over 400 EUR, that’s the price of a Mid-range phone 2021 with fewer premium features in Europe (and pretty much the rest of the world).

Galaxy S21 FE: Not too little, but probably too late

Well, it turns out that while some things are too good to be true, others seem too good to repeat, which brings us to this day when Samsung’s new Fan Edition phone is now one Thing is. Yes, according to the 104205028502 leaks and rumors about that Galaxy S21 FE is now official. And the first problem for Samsung’s new Fan Edition entry comes with precisely the timing. The Galaxy S21 FE should hit the market in the fall of 2021, when it would have been on par with Google’s Pixel 6 and apples iPhone 13. The Pixel 6 is already $ 100 cheaper, however, while both the Pixel and iPhone 13 receive the occasional global discount, which makes them even more compelling.

In addition, it is Samsung’s own Galaxy S21 can be purchased for as little as $ 600 if you want to buy refurbished with a guarantee from places like Amazon. Refurbished cell phones offered by Amazon are often known as new (bonus points for environmental protection).

If “refreshed” phones aren’t your thing, the Galaxy S21 will be dropping in price very soon, which makes it the perfect time to address the second problem for the S21 FE – this Galaxy S22which hits the market in about a month.

The post-S22 discounts should put the S21 on about par with the S21 FE in terms of pricing, as the Galaxy S22 is expected to cost the same as the S21 at launch, which is no more than $ 799. The Galaxy S22 and S22 + are expected to feature a ton of iterative improvements inside, as well as a super-slim, compact, frameless design. But perhaps the most attractive offering for someone on a budget (considering that the S21 FE is a “budget flagship”) will be last year’s Fan Edition phone – the Galaxy S20 FE. This one is brand new for just $ 500 or $ 350-400 with trade-in (or if you buy refurbished), which is literally half the price of the S21 FE.

Despite the 16 months between the two releases, the S21 FE and S20 FE are probably more similar than you think. For example, the two models share three of the four pillars of a great smartphone: both have 120 Hz AMOLED screens; both have 4500 mAh batteries and both use the same camera setup with the same camera sensors. In addition, both the S21 FE and the S20 FE are equipped with P68 dust / water resistance; wireless and reverse wireless charging and 6GB of RAM.

What’s interesting is that the Galaxy S20 FE offers two great advantages over the S21 FE – a charger in the box and a microSD card slot to expand your storage, which I think is grossly underestimated. This also begs the question: is the Galaxy S21 FE the “Fan Edition” Galaxy that you have expected when it does without features that are definitely important to real Galaxy fans.

The Galaxy S21 FE is better than the Galaxy S21, S21 + when it comes to …

If we compare the S21 FE to the S21, which will go down in price, the only reason to choose a Galaxy S21 FE over a Galaxy S21 is that the phone will get three years of operating system updates and four years of security updates. because thanks to its bizarre release schedule, it starts with the latest Android 12 and One UI 4 on board (outperforms the Galaxy S22 series). This should update the Galaxy S21 FE to Android 15. In comparison, the Galaxy S21 isn’t expected to get past Android 14, while the older Galaxy S20 FE still has a major OS update – up to Android 13. So if you’re interested in the longer software support, you might want to check out Consider swapping the better camera system and fingerprint reader and a sleeker design of the Galaxy S21 to get the S21 FE, or spend an extra $ 200-300 to get it over the S20 FE that gives you one free charger and a microSD card slot.

Should you buy a Galaxy S21 FE in Europe?

And that just scratches the surface of Samsung’s bizarre addition since we only looked at the US market. In Europe, for example, a brand new Galaxy S21 costs only 690 EUR, which is 60 EUR less than the S21 FE, while the Galaxy S20 FE only costs 460 EUR, considering that you are buying brand new (which I personally say at this point wouldn’t do).

In fact, if the budget doesn’t hold you back, you can only spend $ 50 more to get this Galaxy S21 +which comes with a premium glass sandwich design, bigger screen, bigger battery, thinner bezels, more RAM, dynamic AMOLED screen and UWB support which is convenient for Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTags.

The Galaxy S21 FE: Not the Fan Edition Galaxy of your dreams?

The Galaxy S21 FE is in a somewhat ironic situation. For one, it’s a Fan Edition phone that leaves out two things that interest Galaxy fans – a charger in the box and a microSD card slot – both of which are available on the 2020 Galaxy S20 FE.

Additionally, around 16 months after the Galaxy S20 FE was released, the market has changed significantly. On the one hand, we have even more powerful devices from the upper middle class, the so-called Flagship killerthat can save you a lot of money while also offering a comparable, or sometimes better, experience than some of the more expensive phones.

Of course, some of them might lack an IP rating for water resistance or wireless charging, but when you look beyond that, your options are plenty. For example you have that OnePlus North 2, Google Pixel 5A (with very limited availability, almost all of them Xiaomi Phone priced at around $ 500 and, of course, Samsung’s own mid-range Galaxy A52sthat actually offers IP67 dust and water resistance.

Galaxy S21 alternatives: iPhone 13, Pixel 6, Galaxy Z Flip 3 or … Galaxy S22?

But what makes the S21 FE even harder to sell (to me) is phones like the Phone 13, Google Pixel 6, and even Samsung’s own Galaxy Z Flip 3. At least in Europe, Apple’s latest iPhone 13 is only 820 euros after discounts and is only 70 euros more expensive than the Galaxy S21 FE.

That, of course, assumes that you want an iPhone first and foremost. I can tell you now that Apple’s flagship will capture much better videos and possibly better photos, feel much higher quality, and get two additional years of software updates while being more compact (if that’s what you want), as well as much faster. at least on paper.

Then the Google Pixel 6 offers you some of the best photo and video quality currently available on Android. The pure software experience from Google and an additional 2 GB of RAM. Software support will be comparable to the Galaxy S21 FE – three years, but the Pixel is expected to receive five years of security updates, up from four years for the Samsung phone.

Speaking of software, it’s the pixel-exclusive features that do Tensor and Android 12 make it possible that this could lead me to Google’s cell phone. I personally use that Pixel 6 Pro It’s been a couple of months now, and I can say that features like Action Pan, Magic Eraser, Google Lens, and system-wide translation are an absolute delight and can make your experience both more fun and productive Galaxy Z Flip 3which can often be found starting at 700 USD / EUR / GBP if you don’t necessarily want to buy directly from Samsung. Sure, the Flip 3 might not have a 3x zoom camera or a large battery, but it’s an excellent opportunity to try something really different and get your first modern foldable device.

But if we put the Pixel 6, iPhone 13, Z Fold 3, S21, and S20 FE aside, what would be? I to do? If I were someone who wishes and needs a new Galaxy phone and I don’t mind spending an extra $ 100, I would definitely hold my breath for what’s to come Galaxy S22. As mentioned earlier, the S22 is expected to bring a variety of improvements at virtually every level compared to the S21 series, with the exception of the rear design, which remains pretty consistent (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

I think what I’m saying is … Pretend the Galaxy S21 FE doesn’t even exist. At least until the Galaxy S22 is out. Then come back for our comparison between the two and do the right-uh Decision. I don’t want to have to say: “I told you!”

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