It should be clear by now that the migration to cloud computing is still in its infancy. Investors should look for opportunistic entry levels for all large companies.

Last week,

AMZN) reported spectacular financial results, fueled by tremendous growth in the cloud computing division of Amazon Web Services. The cloud is at the heart of digital transformation. This trend is booming.

You may never know. Despite the heady growth of AWS since 2006, the company has achieved little notoriety in the investor class. For many, the business of selling excess server capacity, processing power, and data storage is amorphous. It’s a lot easier to tell the story of increasing ecommerce revenue. executives found that fourth quarter revenue topped $ 100 billion for the first time. Based in Seattle, Washington, the company has become the dominant online sales provider in North America with a whopping 47% share.

Below the surface, the cloud has become the future …


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