In a study by Devo Technology81% of companies running cloud-native logging and security analytics companies found that COVID-19 accelerated the cloud timeline. “Among these companies, 200% grew by 200% of companies planning to move more than 75% of their apps / workloads to the cloud, and 86% of companies have integrated cloud options into the decision-making process for new applications. Over 40% chose the cloud as their first choice. “

The reason is now known. The public cloud eliminates many of the pandemic risks associated with having your own data center, hardware, network and software. Many companies that are not in the cloud have had problems during the quarantine. With no physical access to the equipment, we had an outage that couldn’t be easily fixed.

With a public cloud provider, you can eliminate these problems because everything is virtual. In addition, public cloud providers have demonstrated reliability and scalability during a pandemic. Companies have a lot of …

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