VPNs are fantastic for a lot of things, whether it’s keeping your internet activity safe or hiding your internet activity from yours ISP. Streaming is one thing that a VPN can do wonderfully to improve. So check out some of the reasons for this.

You should stream over a VPN because:

  • You can unlock additional content.
  • Other services are available to you.
  • When provides security on public WiFi.
  • You can access content from your home country when you are abroad.

Unlock more content

Different countries have different shows and movies on their streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. After all, you run out of things to see, so why not use another country’s library instead?

You can unblock almost any Netflix library in the world with a VPN. The US, UK, and Japan are popular options, but you can often unlock the libraries of Australia, New Zealand, and European countries too. That gives you a wealth of content in many languages ​​for first class entertainment.

This table of the

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