Garrus was captured in Mass Effect 2 in Legendary Edition Photo Mode. (Photo credit: BioWare)

Lifelong Mass Effect superfan Marsden Dawn fell in love with Garrus because of his loyalty. So many shabby characters floating in and out of Commander Shepard’s centrifugal orbit. There’s the polite, tortured assassin Thane, the psychotechnical Edgelord Jack, the quick-talking, cold-blooded Mordin Solus, and the robot who learned how to love Legion. All of them are integral parts of the boisterous culture in Normandy, and each of them gives its own eccentricity and expertise to the ship’s mind-boggling, 11-like schemes. But there is only one of them who has really stuck with Shepard through thick and thin: Right, the man with the lizard face.

They are partners, two sides of the same coin fight together to the end.

“When we think of Mass Effect, loyalty is everything in the crew, but the connection between Shepard and Garrus is on another level. At the end of the day, it almost feels like Garrus’ world revolves around Shepard in a way,” says Dawn. “If he thinks Shepard is dead, he is literally running on his own suicide mission. Garrus Vakarian is literally on the verge of death and ready to die on Omega until he sees Shepard, and then it’s like gaining that will to live again. When you love him, of course Shepard and Garrus are lovers, but they are more than that. They are partners, two sides of the same coin fight together to the end. “

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the long-awaited remastering of one of the greatest trilogies in modern video game history released on Steam. Cant wait to relive the blockbuster era of BioWare and the studio’s indelible cocktail of ’80s synth fuzz, dialogue tree clapbacks, and long, elliptical conversations with your friends in the dark darkness of space. Mass Effect has always been about people. The biotics and ammo are fun, the side quests are perfect, but mostly we just look forward to seeing all of our friends and lovers again. And in the nine years since the Shepard Bow ended, there’s one character who broke up with the pack. Garrus and Shepard are the main cannon at this point. Nobody comes closer.

BioWare produced a Garrus pillow case. ((Really.) (Photo credit: BioWare)

Just check out these Reddit threads: “Who is your favorite mate and why is it Garrus? “ “”What did Garrus do great?“”Garrus is one of the best teammates I’ve ever had.“For the more lascivious Mass Effect fans who want more from Garrus than just his dedicated camaraderie and dedication, here is a 2017 Kotaku story entitled:”Why women want to have sex with Garrus. “(” He is confident in his job, loyal and wild as a friend and comrade, but insecure and gentle as a lover “, reads one of the quotes.” He has a pretty hot voice, “reads another.) The chemistry runs deep , and it only got deeper after a decade.

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