Two years ago, the US Department of Defense placed an order with Microsoft to develop a cloud computing function called Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure. However, JEDI, as it was called, was controversial from the start. Competitors AWS and Oracle complained – loudly. Oracle cited an obscure conflict of interest while Amazon blamed it all on a feud between Trump and Bezos and marched on trial.

On July 6, the Department of Defense announced that it had cancel the JEDI-Microsoft contract, which says it would not meet its current needs. Another win for Bezos? The Department of Defense did not say that. Were there any outside influences? We’ll never really know.


Regardless of that, JEDI has one successor and one that corporate IT could actually benefit from. The successor to JEDI is the Joint Warfare Cloud Capability (JWCC – pronounced j-walk?). An important aspect of JWCC is that it is multi-cloud and Multi-vendor.

The good thing for corporate IT is that JWCC …


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