No investment has influenced my family’s life experience more than Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN). My original purchase in 2010 returned 2,200%. I sold some along the way to pay for the house we live in and medical expenses associated with the birth of my daughter before the Affordable Care Act went into effect.

I also think Jeff Bezos will go down as one of (if not) the) greatest business person of our time. His annual letters to shareholders are full of wisdom that can make you not only a better investor but also a better decision maker in all facets of life.

And yet, for the second time, I sold a second large tranche of shares. I still have some in hand, but with every passing month I am losing confidence that the size of the company does not affect the quality of the company. Read below to see how this could all play out – and why I still hold stocks despite my concerns.

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Most of all, I was always impressed …

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