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As companies showcase their new smart home devices at the CES 2022 technology show now taking place in Las Vegas, much of the hype revolves around Matter, an open source connectivity standard based on the shared belief that smart home is -Devices should be seamlessly integrated with other systems and should be safe and reliable.

According to Deloitte, if you like devices, you’re likely to be in the 66% of households that have smart home devices. We also know that in addition to just staying with one company or brand, you’ve likely bought from at least a half a dozen different companies. This is why Matter support is helpful to any business launching a smart home device this year.

Not only is the protocol being developed by some of the biggest tech companies – think Apple, Amazon, and Google – and smart home device makers, but it’s also designed to finally fix the problems with fragmented smart home systems, using it All of your devices can be easily set up and routed from one place.

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