Why Dell and Lenovo don’t use Microsoft Pluton for security


Dell XPS 15 9500 logoSource: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central

Microsoft’s Pluton technology can be used to secure PCs, but some of the biggest manufacturers don’t use it in their laptops. According to a report by The Register, Dell and Lenovo have decided against using Pluton technology in many of their laptops. Aside from Dell and Lenovo not using Pluton in their laptops, Intel has not implemented Pluton in any of their 12th Gen Intel Core processors. Instead, Intel relied on its own TPM support.

“Pluton doesn’t align with Dell’s approach to hardware security and our requirements for the most secure commercial PCs,” Dell told the Register.

Using anything other than Pluton does not mean Dell laptops are unsafe. It just means that Dell has decided to take a different approach when it comes to securing devices. “As with all new technologies, we will continue to evaluate Pluton to see how it compares to existing TPM implementations in the future,” a Dell spokesman told The Register. “Dell also offers…


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