The internet is full of promotional content via VPNs, which they refer to as the be-all and end-all of internet security. If you do a little more research, you will quickly find that while a VPN can anonymize you online and protect your privacy, it can also mean the death of your privacy. As a result, your data is being logged and disclosed to a far greater extent than your ISP would have ever attempted on its own. To avoid giving yourself up while still getting all the benefits of using a VPN, you need to be a little specific about which VPN you choose.

Can you trust a no-logs policy?

Many VPNs promise that they will not keep a record of the websites you visit. The only problem is that this is impossible for the VPN to routing and working. There must be data that exists for even a fraction of a second. The VPN needs to write down where to send your traffic, even if it’s only in transit.


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