Why companies love Zero Trust but are slow to embrace it


Most organizations surveyed by Banyan Security consider Zero Trust a priority, but many find it difficult and expensive to implement.

Image: metamorworks, Getty Images/iStockphoto

As businesses face increasing threats from cyberattacks, zero trust has increasingly become a method to protect sensitive data and assets. Zero Trust lets you restrict access as needed, and with the promise of better protection, it’s on the radar of many organizations.

But adopting that kind of security isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers. A report released Tuesday by security provider Banyan Security examines IT and security professionals’ attitudes and intentions toward Zero Trust.

Security experts see Zero Trust as a priority over VPNs

For the “IT and Security Attitudes While Secure Remote Access” report, Banyan Security commissioned Sapio Research to survey 1,025 IT and security professionals in the United States and Canada. The survey also found…

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